Every new Trust from ProAmica will benefit from our Health and Wellbeing services for free.

A happier and healthier employee is a more productive employee. Health and Wellbeing is a support service for your employees helping them to deal with personal and professional issues covering a broad range of subjects. It provides members with immediate and free access to a Telephone Counselling and a Health and Wellbeing service that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For a small additional fee per member, the free Health and Wellbeing Services can be upgraded further to Employee Assistance Services, which include Face to Face Counselling, Legal and Financial Information Services, HR and Line Manager Support and Critical Incident Support.

Using a scheme code given to them when the Trust is set up, members have immediate and free access to:

Health and Wellbeing Online

The online Health and Wellbeing site gives your employees the resources and inspiration to make simple changes to develop a healthier, more balanced and productive lifestyle. The site provides:

  • Active life programmes designed to guide your employees to their health goal.
  • Health and Wellbeing programmes with up to date, clinically validated support information.
  • Active sport programmes for those with specific sports or training goals.
  • Active care programmes designed to prevent illness or manage existing conditions.

There is also help with a wide range of issues such as medical information, diet and nutrition, help to stop smoking and even guidance on travelling overseas.

Telephone Counselling

This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and gives members access to confidential telephone counselling and support.

Members can continue to work with counsellors, scheduling convenient appointments for each session. The specialist teams of experienced, qualified and trained counsellors are able to provide support and assistance on a wide range of issues including family and relationship difficulties, anxiety, stress, emotional problems, work related issues, bereavement and debt.

Health and Wellbeing Advice

The Health and Wellbeing advice service gives members access to a team of doctors, nurses and specialists who are on hand to provide confidential and easy to understand help and guidance. Members can discuss health and lifestyle issues, medical symptoms and worries with a sympathetic professional across a wide range of subjects.

This service provides general guidance and information only and is not intended to detract from or substitute normal primary healthcare. This is not an emergency service and will not provide a diagnosis or prescribe treatments.