A great employee benefits package will help you attract and retain the best, most flexible people - helping you become an employer of choice.

Tailor your Healthcare Trust

Simply by providing a ProAmica Healthcare Trust, your business could enjoy the benefits of lower staff turnover, lower absenteeism and better productivity. But to complement the Trust, General & Medical Healthcare* offer a range of additional services for Trusts known as Trust Protect.

Taken together and combined with the Trust, our Trust Protect Services can form a major part of your overall employee benefits package.

Choose from:
  • Employee Assistance Services
  • Stop Loss Insurance
  • Multi-Trip Travel Insurance
  • Cash Benefits

Employee Assistance Services

For a small additional fee per member, the free Health and Wellbeing Services can be upgraded further to Employee Assistance Services, which includes the following additional benefits:

This additional service provides members with up to 6 Face to Face Counselling sessions through a nationwide network of associate counsellors, so sessions can be organised close to the member's home or place of work. Face to Face Counselling will normally be arranged where, in the professional opinion of the counsellor, it would benefit the member.

This additional service provides access to confidential, accurate and high quality legal and financial information. The legal consultants will endeavour to give clear and practical advice to clarify a member’s legal position and the future steps to take. They will also give guidance on issues such as debt management, benefits, budgets and planning.

This service provides 24 hour access to telephone helpline services, for guidance and support on workplace issues. Whether through counselling to deal with the emotional aspects of managing people or legal advice to supply vital information, the service can help managers and HR teams with a wide range of issues such as:

  • Workplace bullying.
  • Work related stress.
  • Workplace conflict.
  • Communicating change.
  • Alcohol and drugs.
  • Work/life balance.

Critical Incident Support provides affected employees, managers and proprietors with 24 hour telephone helpline services for a comprehensive and timely response to any critical incident. Typically this could include physical violence, serious workplace injury or fatality, robbery, assault, fire, explosion or terrorist activity.

Dependent upon the nature of the incident, for an additional agreed cost, trained and experienced critical incident support workers, counsellors and/or psychologists would be made available for on-site debriefing and counselling. The timing of their attendance on-site would be by agreement with the business having regard to the nature of the incident and the needs of those involved. Ongoing support would then be available by telephone and/or face to face counselling as appropriate.

Stop Loss Insurance

ProAmica Healthcare Trusts are specifically designed to cover the cost of medical treatment for your employees or members by effectively predicting the level of eligible claims. But the unexpected can happen so many Trusts choose to add Trust Protect Stop Loss, which is available to all Trusts administered and managed by ProAmica.

This offers a degree of protection should the cost of claims on the Trust exceed by a fixed amount, the recommended funding level. Based on the information you supply, ProAmica will recommend a minimum funding level for your Trust so that there is a reasonable expectation that the Trust fund will be able to meet the cost of eligible claims in relation to medical treatment for its members.

You are normally able to purchase Trust Protect Stop Loss to offer a degree of protection should the cost of claims of the Trust exceed by a fixed amount, (the recommended contribution level) if:

  • Your organisation have proven previous experience of providing healthcare to your members through either a Trust or a Private Health Insurance policy and you can demonstrate your claims history


  • Your organisation complies with the recommended funding and benefit levels.

The fixed amount is called the ‘attachment point’. As an example, the attachment point could be 20% above the recommended funding level. So, if the cost of claims exceeds 20% above the recommended funding level, General & Medical would meet 75% of the excess costs up to a point 50% above the recommended level. This is an example only and the limits are negotiable.

Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

For a small premium for each member, you can choose to add our Multi-Trip Travel Insurance to your Trust and give your employees peace of mind when taking a holiday break and travelling abroad.

Multi-Trip Travel Insurance provides cover for members for an unlimited number of trips abroad, as long as any single trip does not exceed 90 days. Cover includes the cost of medical treatment and repatriation from any country as well as generous cover for lost possessions and cover for cancellation or curtailment of trips. There are three options available to choose from: Europe, Worldwide (excluding USA and Canada) or Worldwide (including USA and Canada). There are some countries that are excluded from all covers, please contact us for more information.

Cash Benefits

To further enhance your employee benefits package, you can also choose to add one or more additional cash benefits.

Cash benefits of either £1,000 or £10,000 are available and cover is provided for Trust members between ages 18 and 70. The types of Cash Benefit available are:

  • Life Cash Benefit – payable should a member die, from any cause. At the discretion of the Trustees, the cash benefit is paid to beneficiaries nominated by the member.
  • Personal Accident – payable should a member suffer accidental death, loss of limb, loss of sight or permanent total disablement.
  • Critical Illness – payable should a member be diagnosed as suffering from conditions such as Heart Attack, Stroke, Cancer, Kidney Failure or Multiple Sclerosis.

Further Information

For full details of all our additional services, please contact us.

* General & Medical Healthcare are a division of General & Medical Finance Ltd, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Their firm reference number is 579509 and this may be checked at The products and services provided by General & Medical Healthcare are underwritten by General & Medical Insurance Ltd.