Backed by the buying power of General & Medical, you can be confident in our ability to negotiate the best possible prices for treatment and keep your costs down.

UK Medical Assistance

ProAmica has long standing agreements in place with hundreds of hospitals and medical facilities throughout the UK. Costs can vary dramatically for similar procedures in neighbouring hospitals and even between consultants who have admitting rights to the same hospital facilities. Using our negotiating power and special relationships we can both facilitate treatment and keep your costs to a minimum. A diverse range of client organisations utilise our UK medical assistance and cost containment solutions. They include international health and travel insurers and medical assistance companies based outside the UK.

We offer a menu based approach for cost containment services to meet the particular needs of each of our clients. Our UK Medical Assistance Solutions include:

UK Medical Treatment Cost

Network Access

Our entry level cost containment service for essential access to our hospital network so you can benefit from the cost savings of our agreed prices for coded procedures.

Booking Service

In addition to access to our network of hospitals and agreed price tariffs, our booking service means that ProAmica will intervene to arrange appointments or hospital stays for you to ensure that your clients are directed to a reputable but cost effective facility.

Managed Care

The highest level of cost containment. A full case management service that means we will exhaust every possible opportunity for cost containment over and above the reduced price tariffs we already have in place with facilities all over the United Kingdom.

We place the emphasis on cost containment of medical fees whilst maintaining an excellent service for our clients.

Worldwide Medical Assistance

Keeping up to date with worldwide developments is key to innovation in the UK so, for over 35 years, we have been exploring opportunities outside the UK. Today, as well as administering business for expatriates in the Middle East and Europe, through Lloyds of London, we offer a range of International Healthcare Assistance Solutions, worldwide. Through agreements with International Medical Assistance Companies, we place the emphasis on cost containment whilst maintaining an excellent service for our clients. Our worldwide assistance partners are strategically located and possess the local knowledge necessary to liaise with medical facilities, monitor the appropriateness of treatment and contain medical expenses.

Our dedicated Customer Service team and our International Assistance Companies are there to give the peace of mind of:

Worldwide Medical Treatment Cost

Help when you need it

Year round help, 24 hours a day

Trained staff

Multilingual friendly staff, trained in medical claims handling

Worldwide access

The highest quality medical facilities and care, around the world

Secure online claims

The ability to follow the progress of claims securely online

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To find out more about how we can help you to contain your costs, including details of how you can get a quote and become a client of ProAmica, please download our Cost Containment brochure.

We also welcome International Assistance Companies to submit an application to become registered partners to handle claims for our International clients. Please contact us for further information.

Medical Cost Containment Brochure

Cost Containment Brochure

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